Unexpected Service


The fact is that when Richard Asprey started out at Lloyds, he soon thought it would be cool to name a company Asp Re as a play on his name. After 35 years in the business he realized that idea by introducing Asp Re Intermediaries. 

Over the years, the Asp Re team has developed standards of exemplary service for its clients resulting in the sort of attention that the reinsurance industry was known for in its golden age.  Paramount in these standards is that service is limited to a few select customers who share Asp Re’s values and integrity and requirement for long term relationship.  Asp Re has corresponding relationships with similarly minded intermediaries and markets in the world’s major reinsurance capitals – London, New York and Bermuda.

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Symbol of Eternity, Fidelity and Luck, Queen Victoria’s snake motif engagement and wedding rings set a standard for fashion for many years.

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